VIDEO – Coffee Origin – Guatemala


In October, featured Rosa Ortiz, a small-scale organic farmer in Guatemala. Her farm is in Santa Clara Laguna in the Solola region of southwestern Guatemala.

Rosa Ortiz

While Arabica coffee is her main source of income, Rosa’s farm also produces a variety of crops for her family and for bartering within her community.

Rosa’s farm is a member of the cooperative Manos Campesinos. This cooperative offers better market alternatives for members as well as support related to commercialization. Manos Campesinas is an umbrella organization that works with 8 grassroots organizations of four different geographic departments: San Marcos, Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu and Sololá. Overall, Manos Campesinas represents 1,073 individual members, all of them small coffee producers.

The coffee we are featuring from her region is of the Arabica Bourbon and Typica varietals and grown at 5,000 ft elevation, which gives it a richer taste. The washed processing method provides a clean taste that reveals fruit, dates, and walnuts.

Get a glimpse of life in Santa Clara with this short video from Traceable Coffee:

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