VIDEO – Coffee with Sofia Vanegas

How do you brew your coffee every morning? Pour-over, french press, standard coffee machine?

It’s probably quite different than how Sofia Vanegas, small-scale coffee farmer in northern Nicaragua, prepares her coffee.  Coffee culture in Nicaragua is a beautiful, meticulous process.

Watch the video below and join Sophia as she goes through her usual process of preparing coffee for herself, family, and guests. The process starts with raw, green coffee beans, and involves roasting, cooling, grinding, brewing, and finally enjoying the fresh coffee.

Sofia Vanegas is a small-scale coffee farmer in northern Nicaragua and a member-owner of PRODECOOP Cooperative.

Sohpia Vanegas - Nicaragua

Want to try some for yourself? You can actually buy Sophia’s coffee here!

Let us know what you think! How do you brew your coffee? Would you want to try preparing coffee like this at home?

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