Farmer Owned, Fair Trade + Organic (FOFTO)

Farmer-Direct Cooperative (FDC) is a farmer-owned co-operative of 63 certified organic family farms is launching the first (FOFTO) Farmer-Owned, Certified Fair Trade, Certified Organic food brand in North America.

“People usually associate fair trade with coffee, sugar, bananas and other crops from the global south, but fair wages to farm workers and fair prices to family farmers are just as much a concern in industrialized nations like Canada and the United States,” explains Murray Horkoff a Farmer Direct Co-op farmer-owner from Kamsack, SK.

“Now organic consumers can purchase Farmer-Owned, fairly traded, milled flaxseed, pancake mix, hempseed oil, bulk bin split peas, lentils and other crops and food products grown and processed in the Northern Hemisphere from a farmer-owned business that is certified fair trade,” adds Horkoff. “Conscious Citizen Partners (consumers) no longer need to choose between organics and fair trade. With Farmer Direct Co-op they receive food products that are both, plus the addition of Farmer-Ownership”.

The Farmer Direct Co-operative brand is owned by farmers, is certified organic, certified fair trade and uses only whole grains. No refined sugars, corn syrup/sugar, refined flour, refined grains, synthetic perservatives, additives or fillers are used in Farmer Direct Co-op branded food products.

The Farmer Direct Co-op brand also focuses on bulk products to reduce excess packaging and uses only high quality crops produced from member farmer owners. Farmer Direct Co-op does not import and repackage goods.

Another innovation of the Farmer Direct Co-op brand is adherence to Co-op Principle 6, Co-operation among Co-operatives. To that end Farmer Direct Co-op food products are being sold exclusively to Co-op and independently owned organic retailers through co-op, independent or family owned distributors. “We wanted to connect with the core organic and fair trade customer. You’ll find them at your local co-op grocery or independent organic retailer. So far its working out very well,” adds Mark Bologna Farmer Direct Co-op Sales Coordinator.

Learn more at

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