Food Cooperatives Lead the Way, Again


When Pachamama Coffee’s board of directors invested in US-based distribution, the idea was to create a shorter supply chain by connecting producers directly with consumers via cooperatives. By selling a value-added product direct to consumer co-ops (like Park Slope Food Co-op and Sacramento Natural) in the US, Pachamama’s farmer-owners are moving downstream to serve the consumer directly and make more money!

Farmer-owned brands are on the rise and they are found at your local food cooperative or independent grocer. Brands like Organic Valley, Divine Chocolate, Florida’s Natural and Cabot Creamery, to name a few. The National Cooperative Grocers Association offers an easy way to locate a food co-op near you. Collectively, the US food cooperative grocery business is abount the same size as Whole Foods. A significant market that was the first to embrace the natural, organic and fair-trade movements. What’s next? Farmer-owned brands! Support your local food cooperative and farmers by supporting a stronger, sustainable food system for all.

Where to buy Pachamama’s Traceable Coffee in the USA:

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  1. Cabot Farmer says:

    The farmer owners of Cabot Creamery Cooperative are proud to be a cooperative and heartily support other coops! Thank you for the coop love!

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