Farmer-Owned Brands

Here is a growing list of consumer brands that promote their Farmer-Owned organizational structure in the United States:

– Blue Diamond Almonds

Cabot Creamery

– –

Concord Grape Juice

– Cowiche Growers


Divine Chocolate

Doi Chaang Coffee

Farmer-Direct Cooperative

Florida’s Natural

– Milk Thistle Farm

Ocean Spray

Organic Meadow

Organic Prairie

Organic Valley

Pachamama Coffee

Prairie Farms






  1. […] Forty-six percent of Americans (me included) say that they can’t live without chocolate. At the same time, we see farmer-owned product as a significant food trend; here are 20 farmer-owned brands. […]

  2. […] to know that, in a world where a lot of small-scale farmers may not survive, these and many other farmer-owned brands are being paid their due and benefiting from social programs. Do these concerns govern your […]

  3. […] are many successful farmer-owned cooperatives. Consider leading brands like Organic Valley, Cabot Creamery, Sunkist, Blue Diamond and Ocean […]

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