Featured Farmer: Rosa Ortiz of Santa Clara, Guatemala

  In October, CoffeeCSA.org featured Rosa Ortiz, a small-scale organic farmer in Guatemala. Her farm is in Santa Clara Laguna in the Solola region of southwestern Guatemala. While Arabica coffee is her main source of income, Rosa’s farm also produces a variety of crops for her family and for bartering within her community. Rosa’s farm is a member […]

Coffee Recipe: Espresso Tonic with Mint

Coffee Recipe: Espresso Tonic with Mint

This month we were excited to introduced a new signature beverage – Espresso Tonic with Mint – to our Davis Cafe.  We’ve heard nothing but great reviews, so we though “Why not share it with our Coffee CSA subscribers so you can make it at home during these hot summer days?” Well, here you go! […]

A Woman Coffee Producer Shares her Story from Guatemala

Coffee producer and Pachamama Coffee Cooperatve member, Caterina Yac, talks about her love of working in the coffee industry and how her production goes directly to Pachamama to “have more income for our family, and to have more work for the organization.” Caterina’s 3 acre farm is at 4,000+ feet elevation in Santa Clara Laguna, […]

Farm-to-Table Summer Feast

Farm-to-Table Summer Feast

This past weekend we had a great time serving post-dinner coffee and cold brew at Farm Fresh to You’s Summer Feast.  Tickets from this farm to table charity dinner supported the San Diego Food Bank. The feast kicked off at 2:30pm amidst the trees and beautiful setting of Suzie’s Farm in San Diego. Guests enjoyed […]

Pachamama Milestone: Now Roasting!

This weekend we are celebrating a huge milestone for Pachamama as we have just acquired our first coffee roaster so we can start roasting coffee in-house at our headquarters in Sacramento! This is a celebration of our successful Kickstarter campaign where YOU helped make this dream a reality. Since 2001, we’ve been working on tightening the […]

Farmer Owned Brands on the Rise

From the Ground Up Farmer-Owned Brands on the Rise! By Thaleon Tremain What do the following have in common: Divine Chocolate, Ocean Spray, Tillamook, Organic Valley and Florida’s Natural? They are all “Farmer-Owned” brands and actively promoting it. Farmer ownership is nothing new, of course. But only recently has farmer-ownership emerged to become a focal […]

Nicaraguan Coffee Farmer Alexa Marin’s Visit

We are happy to have Alexa Marin, a small-scale coffee farmer in Nicaragua, visiting with us in Sacramento this week! Alexa Marin — like many coffee farmers in Central America — suffered a great blow from Coffee Rust, a fungus that destroys coffee plants. The Coffee Rust arrived on Alexa’s small organic farm in 2012. […]

Coffee Break with Sofia Vanegas in Nicaragua

How do you brew your coffee every morning? Pour-over, french press, standard coffee machine? It’s probably quite different than how Sofia Vanegas, small-scale coffee farmer in northern Nicaragua, prepares her coffee.  Coffee culture in Nicaragua is a beautiful, meticulous process. Watch the video below and join Sophia as she goes through her usual process of preparing […]

California Cooperative Conference

Happy Wednesday! Are you starting to plan your weekend activities? We sure are! Here at Pachamama Coffee Cooperative we are excited to kick off the weekend at the 2015 California Co-op Conference . This conference for cooperatives is a celebration of the past years’ successes and will be packed with workshops, lectures, and events that will encourage growth […]

Why We are Proud to be a .COOP Cooperative

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”  William Shakespeare Check out this video to see why we chose the site name Pacha.coop and are proud to be a “.coop”   Want to get your coffee straight from the farmers? Check out Pachamama beans here Or try […]


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